Death of the Courteous Reply

On an almost daily basis I am astonished at the lack of response from people I email. Some of them I know and some of them I don’t. Some of the emails that I send are to friends or colleagues and some are sent for business reasons to people I know and some I don’t know. But no matter, there are still a number of people who just don’t respond. I wonder… should I take this personally? In short, the answer is no.  Why not? I think of it as people leading busy lives. It kind of lets them off the hook and somehow it says that it’s ok. But in a business setting we all are busy and yes we do receive the odd email wanting something from you that you just are not interested in giving. This has become a cultural epidemic in some countries and some cultures and I suppose it has  somehow become acceptable. But, there are many countries and cultures that find this lack of response both disrespectful and offensive. I was given some very sound advice in the early 90’s: “Bill, never be rude or disrespectful to a Headhunter. One day you may need one as a friend…..;-)”. I have since applied this to many areas in my professional life with great success, and most specifically, when dealing with other cultures.

So, when receiving emails from someone whom you are not interested in communicating with, think about taking a couple of seconds to write them back and at least telling them, “thanks but no thanks”. You never know. You may find that one day you need something from them.



About expandingabroad

William (Bill) K. Hite Following a successful twenty-four career with Venture Capital backed IT companies, financial services and public accounting industries, Bill Hite founded Hull Speed Associates to meet a clear market need: assisting companies in expanding abroad with a comprehensive range of services including Back Office, Technical Advisory and Professional Services. Working, living and traveling in Europe for the last 17 years, Bill built upon his experience and knowledge of doing business in Europe, Asia and the USA. He founded several IT businesses, held a key role in a successful NASDAQ IPO and has solid experience in M&A activities, international expansion and corporate restructurings. In working closely with a number of clients over the last years to build and expand their businesses globally, Bill noticed a need for key services that could be bundled to benefit companies expanding abroad. Apart from the cultural and linguistic barriers that companies expanding abroad may face, there are many financial, legal and tax implications in deciding to expand operations to Europe, Asia or the USA. Hull Speed Associates works in tandem with each client to define their immediate and long-term needs, and how Hull Speed Associates can best support each client to ensure cost and time efficiencies. Working with a skilled team of specialists within his extensive network in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France and the USA, Bill operates on the principle of a single point of contact for his clients’ senior management. Bill began his career with Coopers & Lybrand in Boston, Massachusetts, and he holds a BS in Accounting from Oklahoma State University. He has held senior positions at TLP Leasing Programs, ON Technology Corporation, Networks Unlimited and Collax. He currently lives in the Bavarian countryside south of Munich with his lovely wife and 2 kids, but can frequently be found at airports across Europe and the USA
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